Philip Landrigan, Chairman of Community and Preventive Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital, testifying on environmental exposures to 9/11 rescure and recovery workers.

9/11 WTC Site Workers Hearing Washington DC  9.13.07

Freddy Cordero, former NYC Board of Education recovery worker, testifying on his WTC service and the health problems he has suffered since.

James Melius, Occupational Health Physician, testifying on the lack of enforcement of safety standards at the WTC site.

House Committee on Education and Labor chairman Rep. George Miller (D-CA) opens the 9.13.07 World Trade Center Site Worker Hearings in Washington DC.

Brian Jackson, RAND Corporation Spokesperson, testifying on Disaster Preparednes at the World Trade Center and on a National Level.

“The mix of chemicals workers were exposed to is very complex... concentrations that were very high... a mixture that’s previously never been encountered...”

Philip Landrigan, Chairman of

Preventative & Community Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hosptal, NYC

“There was no enforcement of (safety) standards...

People continued to be exposed for many months after the event...

We have to admit: we failed to provide the proper protection...”

James Melius, Occupational Health Physician, Chair of the Steering Committee for the WTC Medical Monitoring Program.

“It is clear that OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) chose not to enforce its safety and health standards, particularly in respiratory protection standards... in the months that followed 9/11...”

Six years after 9/11, this country has yet to provide for the long term serious health care needs of these workers...”

Rep. George Miller (D-CA)

“The workers were not sufficiently protected at the WTC ... because the preparedness efforts that were in place were simply not designed for an incident of that magnitude...

Many of those (safety) ...lessons are not yet reflected in current practice...

In order to protect responders at future disasters, we need to build (a system) ...that will actually work...”

Brian Jackson, RAND Corporation Spokesperson

“...The only masks provided were paper masks...

I was going home covered in toxic dust to my wife and 3 year old son...

In spite of everything I did, my health has suffered greatly...”

Freddy Cordero, former NYC Board of Education recovery worker.

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