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Brian Cosmello

  2320 Putters Way

    Raleigh, NC 27614


July 26, 2011

Dr. John Howard 


Washington DC 20515

Dr. Howard and fellow NIOSH Members,

Over the past few months, NIOSH hosted an online Docket with the goal with the goal of soliciting feedback from the 9/11 Community in order to understand the needs of the population being served by the bill. 

During that period, I took much time and energy to reflect, gather information and submit my background story to you regarding the importance of including blood cancers as covered conditions under this program.  From what I have read, you have received many other similarly devastating stories, not only from Responders, but also people like myself who were either local workers and/or community members during the 9/11 attacks.  I'm appalled to learn that our stories have fallen on deaf ears. 


Just to reiterate, I was 31 years old when I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelgenous Leukemia (CML) in 2009.  CML IS NOT HEREDITARY.  CML is almost always diagnosed in middle-aged and elderly people.  The annual incidence rate is 1 per 100,000 people.  It is a form of cancer resulting from the mutation of bone marrow and blood cells.   In this mutation, per Moloney WC (1987) - 'Radiogenic Leukemia Revisited', THE ONLY WELL DESCRIBED AND DOCUMENTED RISK FACTOR FOR CML IS EXPOSURE TO IONIZING RADIATION AND FOREIGN MATERIALS THAT RELEASE ALPHA PARTICLES, BETA PARTICLES GAMMA RAYS ON THE BODY’.

I was in the dust cloud on 9/11, one block from the first tower that collapsed.  I worked on the American Stock Exchange, only two blocks from the WTC site, every day from September of 2001 until June of 2002. I inhaled and was exposed to all of the toxins on the day of  9/11 as well as the nine months that followed.  In my professional life, I've sat in front of a computer working in finance for the past ten years (that is, before I was diagnosed).  I've trained my body, exercised, ate well and have been in peak physical condition for all of those years as well. Before my finance career, I spent four years in a college classroom at Penn and was a college football player.  My point?....I have ALWAYS been in perfect health and I had NEVER  been exposed to any of the above mentioned risk factors for Leukemia…..other than 9/11/01 and the following nine months.   Now I'm a 34 year old male who will suffer from Leukemia and take daily chemotherapy for the rest of my life.  A Leukemia that is overwhelmingly seen in older populations, not 31 year old males.  A Leukemia, even more blatantly obvious, that is NOT hereditary and is SOLELY caused by bodily exposure to radiation and foreign toxins…..the exact exposure that afflicted me as a result of the 9/11 Attacks.


As regards this week’s NIOSH ruling, "Thank You" for the slap in the face in telling me that my cancer was not caused by the nine months of toxin and radiation exposure stemming from the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.

Brian Cosmello